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Changes to the World Map Project

October 7, 2013

The World Map Project is cool and all, but the documentation is from 1995 and the world has changed since then. I think I ended up with a count of 196 countries. Here’s a brief list of the changes I included:

  • In the documentation, there’s some messy dotted lines in Yugoslavia. That is now four countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.
  • East Timor has gained independence from Indonesia.
  • South Sudan has broken off from Sudan.
  • I went by the UN designations by listing the countries, but I included Taiwan as its own country even though the UN doesn’t recognize it.
  • Palau is now a country. I’m not sure what it was before.

Also, I read or heard somewhere you shouldn’t use chalk lines, but I found that they’re a snap. They’re easier to make and to erase than pencil.

That’s about it.

  1. Colin permalink

    I feel like you made this post just to use that pun.

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