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The Eighth Plague

December 29, 2012

Every PCV gets accused of being things they’re not (rich, spies, Germans, etc.). I get accused of being a researcher because I like to take photos. Like this one.


I first saw these bugs crawling in a mass over the trash-strewn lot outside my house. They’re not by any stretch the biggest locusts here, but they’re certainly the most eye-catching. Most animals in nature will camouflage themselves to conceal themselves from predators (or prey), but some go the opposite direction and try to look too unusual to be eaten. One night on my way to the latrine I found a cluster of them on the wall. This photo had to be adjusted because it was too dark even with a light shining on them, but they look alien enough without my help.


I asked my host mother if she ate these. “Some locusts tastes good,” she said, “but not these.”

Molting time.

Molting time.

(P.S. I don’t want to apologize for infrequent updates, nor do I want to promise future updates, but just know that I’ve been having technical problems and I have lots more to write about.)


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