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The view from my latrine

March 3, 2012

Everyone grows stalks of corn on the property. If you don’t, you’re wasting your land. My family even took down a clothesline to make room for more corn. By the way, it’s called maize or mielies. Not corn.

In the evening, this tree casts a shadow over the shadow over the maize field. This photo was taken in the morning. The stalks closest to the tree are darker not because they’re in the shadow now, but because they get less light over the course of a day, so they produce more chlorophyll in order to absorb more light during the few hours when they’re not in the shadow. The other stalks on top of the hill are in the sun all the time and they have so little chlorophyll that they’re practically yellow.

I thought this might make a good science lesson, but somehow a field trip to my latrine doesn’t seem appropriate.

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