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August 29, 2011

Let me describe the geography of my site first: hills. I have to catch myself before I call them mountains, but then again I’m from Florida and the highest point in the state is on the border with Alabama. Since there’s no timberline and they don’t have names, I guess that makes them hills.

There are also trees. This is the weird part. The landscape of Limpopo changes very quickly as you travel through it, and driving along the main road, we go from desert scrubs to lush plantations in a matter of minutes. My site is at the intersection of a few biomes, it seems. The streets leading into the village are lined with the scraggly thorny plants I keep running into in Makapanstad (marumbe, I learned they’re called). The hills are filled with a different kind of trees, short and unimpressive but still fuller than what you would see in a savannah. The valleys are even greener as the plants soak the remaining moisture out of the dry rivers. And growing in the yards of my neighbors? Fruit of all sorts. My family has an acre of mango trees. They aren’t bearing fruit yet, but they must soon.

I’m just about out of time so I’ll leave it at that and I’ll bring my camera next time.


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