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Hello again

August 17, 2011

I’m sitting in a crowded internet cafe now, trying to sort out a month’s worth of business and unread emails. While I can access the internet on my Kindle, it’s slow and unreliable so I don’t use it for anything too heavy.

But hey, I’m in Africa now? What can I say about Africa in half an hour? I had to dodge out of a birthday party to come here. Well, it’s weird. We live in Makapanstad, a village governed by a traditional authority (chief). It has an office park and a petrol station. There’s electricity, and at night there’s running water. Ride an hour or two and I’m at a fancy-looking mall, or a city comparable to an American one, except everyone drives on the wrong side of the road.

On Friday I’ll be finding out my permanent site. All I know now is that I’m learning Venda so that must mean I’m going to Limpopo, where I can expect so see wild mango and avocado trees and practically no white people. Should be fun.

There are 55 of us trainees here. Before the budget cuts there were meant to be 90, but we got reduced to 57, and then we lost two to personal and/or medical reasons. Such is life in the Peace Corps.

Only seven minutes left before my time on this computer is up, so I’m going to publish this and hope for the best!

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